Give your website the boost it needs

Give your website the boost it needs

You're the expert in understanding your business. We're the experts in helping your business be seen.

Set the right foundations

Our SEO Foundations Package establishes the core elements needed to build a successful website structure that delivers results.

No matter the site age or company size, it's never too late, or too early to start the right SEO strategy.

  • Improved site health and technical structure
  • Increased visibility and traffic
  • Brand credibility
  • Foundation for long-term channel growth

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Our website now has higher visibility and a bigger presence in Google. We're also receiving more conversions and users are more engaged.

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Simon Edwards
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The package.

We’ll help you establish your SEO with the important ranking factors and give you the support to build for future success.

Our in-house SEO team will deliver high quality work with minimal disruption to your business over a defined three-month period.

We'll create a custom 3-month package that will provide everything needed to optimise your site against our optimisation categories.

SEO Foundation Package

Optimisation categories.

Every website will have its own objectives and challenges, that's why we take a custom approach to how we can best optimise each and every site.

The categories below show the areas we can optimise and how the elements have varying levels of severity.

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HTTP status

HTTP status codes are visible to search engines when crawling and deciding to index your website. Depending on the type of HTTP status code your website may not be indexed. This impacts your SEO and where (or if) you rank in the search engine results.

Category severity

8 Errors

3 Warnings

2 Notices

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Security status

Unsecured websites are vulnerable to SEO attack, compromising your site and source code, in turn harming your rankings. With HTTPS a minimum standard and a ranking signal for SEO, search engines can penalise compromised sites making SSL very important.

Category severity

6 Errors

4 Warnings

1 Notice

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Crawlability is the foundation of a technical SEO strategy. Search bots crawl webpages to gather information about a site. If there are issues around blocked resources, crawl depth, pagination, canonicalisation and linking they can't index or rank webpages effectively.

Category severity

13 Errors

10 Warnings

14 Notices

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Meta tags are key to increase visibility of a website on search engines. Appearing in the page source, they send signals to search bots explaining what the webpage content is about. Variables are broad and effective optimisation is key to increasing visibility and SERPs.

Category severity

3 Errors

6 Warnings

1 Notice

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Improving the indexability of a site is multi-faceted, taking into account many variables. Pages that are not indexed, or non-indexable due to errors on the page or in the source, will not appear in search results as they can’t be indexed correctly by search bots.

Category severity

11 Errors

5 Warnings

2 Notices

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How a site performs for the end user is key to all search engine listings. Page speed can impact a website's user experience, performance and rankings. Google has indicated that site speed is one of the top signals used by its algorithm to rank pages.

Category severity

0 Errors

6 Warnings

0 Notices

SEO Icon Broken Chart

Core Web Vitals

Google Core Web Vitals are important as it helps search engines to understand the experience of the end-user on a website. The search results will rank higher for a website that loads quickly and can be used easily than one that is slow and difficult to use.

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Content cluster optimisation

Content clusters are designed to optimise a website's structure and internal linking by organising content around topics into pillar and cluster pages. They allow Google to understand the hierarchical relationship between different levels of content.

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Keyword optimisation

Though optimising and aligning content on key landing pages across the site with the right keywords search engines will gain a better understanding of which page to display in audience relevant listings. This will boost CTR resulting in higher engagement levels.

Always-on reporting.

We know it's vital to be informed on how things are progressing. That's why we provide you with a live  customised dashboard. Giving you all the metrics at your fingertips, whenever you need it.

See how the improvements effect your site as they happen, and watch how the technical fixes and site health improvements are effecting your visibility.

SEO Package Reporting

The cost

Unlike other SEO companies, we don't just recommend changes. With your approval, we're hands-on to actively improve your site health and visibility with minimal disruption.

Our packages include account support and live reporting so you're always in the know.

Each package is tailored to exactly what you're site needs. It might be more technical SEO fixes, or could be more keyword optimisation. But we'll ensure the best solution is the one you'll receive.

Complete investment
FROM £6,000 +VAT


Please note
This package is for CMS based websites, such as WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace etc.
Excludes eCommerce stores, please get in touch to discuss our eCommerce SEO packages.

Good, honest work.

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