Evolving thinking. Scaling ideas. Matching pace.

Evolving thinking. Scaling ideas. Matching pace.

Evolving thinking. Scaling ideas. Matching pace.

A partnership to benefit humanity

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What does it take to find innovative healthcare solutions which will ultimately benefit humanity? According to Arturo Pizano, Data and Performance Marketing Director of Haleon Next, it requires a way of thinking about data which is new to the industry.

  • 300,000 conversations evaluated
  • 46,000 keywords analysed
  • 1 new way to understand consumers

As the largest global consumer healthcare business, Haleon markets some of the world’s best-known and most widely used healthcare brands. But fast-moving trends amongst healthcare consumers can give smaller start-ups, which can be quicker to react, a head-start.

In response, Haleon has established Haleon NEXT: to spot emerging trends more quickly, gather insights more effectively, and insert these into the work stream more rapidly. Through data analysis and insights, the intention is to propose, test and manufacture innovative healthcare products as fast as new consumer demands arise.

It’s an accelerated approach which requires both Arturo and Thing or Two to think and act with speed, but not in haste.

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Thing or Two knows how to extract the necessary information and challenge convention to get the best results.

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Arturo Pizzano
Data & Performance Marketing Director
Haleon NEXT
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Super-reliable capability in data mining, delivering quantitative and qualitative insights that matter.

People don’t live scientifically

With a successful background in commerce, Arturo certainly knows how to acquire consumers. But now his focus is on discovering exactly who those consumers are, their behaviour, pain points and what they want.

As he puts it, Healthcare relies on innovation to drive change, so we’ve brought that thinking to our approach. Getting closer to the consumers allows us to build a bridge between the colloquial world and the scientific and, as a result, develop better solutions in oral health, women’s wellness, and mental resilience.

But before they can be given a voice, it’s essential to know what they are already saying and doing.

A brave briefing

Darryll Bayes, Thing or Two CEO, explains, “Arturo’s brief wasn’t to work with what Haleon knew, but to find out what they didn’t know.”

In the field of women’s wellness/hormonal health, for example, the information women want wasn’t being provided by traditional healthcare providers. So where did women look for answers? Who did they turn to? Who did they talk to online, what kind of language did they use, and what emotions were they experiencing?

This was not just a case of gathering data, but of exploring the data to:

  • Increase the accuracy of the view of the consumer
  • Enable closer and faster alignment with emerging consumer healthcare trends
  • Extract maximum value and insight.
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Case Study Haleon

Accelerating innovation

Darryll continues: “We began by constructing the conversational universe: a qualitative analysis of data gathered from online conversations, on such a scale that it delivers valuable quantitative results. This enabled us to find micro insights that shaped macro thinking.”

“Next, the team defined the searchscape: identifying where and how the relevant audience uses the information they have, to find the answers they want. From these results, we were able to provide Haleon NEXT with not only new ways to operate, but also entirely new areas of opportunity.”

Innovation on its own is a powerful tool. But for Haleon Next, innovation based on data insights, accurately delivering what consumers demand, is more powerful still. It shortens production pipelines. And it helps to place humanity at the centre.

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