Trust, faith and a brave approach to marketing.

Trust, faith and a brave approach to marketing.

Trust, faith and a brave approach to marketing.

The path to success

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Knowing there’s a need to improve your organic presence is easy. Identifying the correct way to do this is often harder. With so many variables and routes to success, finding the right pathway is often challenging.

  • 220% increase in traffic
  • 4x improvement in CTR
  • 22% increase in conversion

Pay360 is a large payment provider for public and private sector online platforms. Having spent time and money on driving audiences to the site via paid search and PR, the business wanted to develop additional, more cost-effective channels and began working on increasing organic visitors.

The team knew they needed to “do SEO” but were unsure on the approach, focus and process so contacted Thing or Two. Having previously worked on Pay360 digital projects, Thing or Two had a good understanding of the business and market.

Quotation marks

We knew there was an issue, and we knew who to ask to help. Trusting a partner to ‘just do’ SEO took a leap of faith on our part. We’re glad we did.

Testimonial by Simon from Pay360
Simon Edwards
Head of Marketing
Case Study Pay360

Consumer and problem-led thinking created a more aligned audience.

Learning quickly

With the help from insights and data provided by the Pay360 team, Thing or Two were able to quickly understand the micro issues that were not only slowing the growth of Pay360 but were also hurting them. An over reliance on brand terms and a misalignment with the target audience meant Thing or Two had to go deeper into understanding the product-market fit. As well as the shift in consumer mindset and the effects of increased market competition.

“We felt that we needed to go broader with our approach and explore the larger forces at play. The Pay360 team took a brave stance and gave us complete control to develop our thinking and methods.”
Emily, Head of Search and Content, Thing or Two

Actions work harder than words

Keywords are key. But if they are the beginning and end of an organic optimisation strategy, they’ll never deliver the results you dream of. That’s why, for Pay360, Thing or Two put a technical strategy in place first, as a firm foundation on which keywords, content and SEO could build.

Ensuring the site was secure and accessible to Google, eliminating status errors, and improving page load speed were all key to providing better user experiences and increasing crawlability and indexability. Almost immediately there was a noticeable increase in engaged traffic and from this more stable technical foundation, a growth plan was built.

Emily explains “Over the following three months, we not only identified keywords and aligned them with Pay360’s market, but also optimised the website content to ensure relevance with the audience”. She continues, “We needed to create more touchpoints showcasing the range of products and use cases, and by doing so, Google gained a better understanding of the site and delivered more relevant traffic.”

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        Reaping the results

        Over the course of 9 months Pay360 experienced a significant improvement in traffic. But crucially these visitors weren’t just brand searches. New keywords helped to ensure a 4x improvement in click-through rates, resulting in a 220% increase in traffic. With the increase in relevant content and landing pages came a 22% increase in conversion and the Pay360 team are now receiving a greater number of quality leads than ever before.

        “The results speak for themselves. All the work completed by Thing or Two has helped us to re-establish a voice in the market and reach a new audience.”
        Simon Edwards, Head of Marketing, Pay360

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