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We know a thing or two about audience intelligence and developing the right digital marketing strategy to executing paid marketing campaigns and implementing SEO. We're the digital marketing agency in the know.

Trinity diagram showing the 3 pillars of working practice deployed as a digital marketing service.

To answer tough questions you need a robust approach. Our three pillars help us to uncover, understand and deliver solutions with knowledge and confidence.

Our trinity.

Audience and market intelligence a
Our methods of AI conversational universes and proprietary searchscapes creates a fully rounded picture of who, where, what, when, how and why your audience behave like they do. This informs us how best to reach and speak to them based on deep insights your typical research methods won't even get close to.

Commercial and business strategy a
We don't just deliver a great digital marketing service, we consider the reasons behind why you need it. We're here to help understand the numbers by analysing and creating strategies that accomplish your business goals.

Marketing execution expertise a
Our expert team are here to create the online marketing assets from the intelligence and strategy. We'll deliver the right mix that will deliver against the objectives.

Words from our brave clients.

Words from our brave clients.

Words from our brave clients.

Words from our brave clients.

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Thing or Two have played a pivotal role in the strategy and execution of our global partner comms program. The marketing team met our challenges with passion and deliver amazing work time and time again.

Lucy Lincoln. Senior Manager, Global Partner Programs.
‍Gen Digital. Thing or Two client
Lucy Lincoln
Senior Manager, Global Partner Programs
Gen Digital
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The data and insights Thing or Two have delivered have been a total game changer for our business. We couldn’t be happier with the results.

Haleon testimonial Arturo Pizano
Arturo Pizano
Data & Performance Marketing Director
Haleon NEXT
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Audience and market intelligence.

Audience and market intelligence.

Audience and market intelligence.

Gain insights into your target audience and market, through social listening and other data points. Discover what is and isn't working for your brand to help produce new products, develop new marketing techniques or reform your audience strategy.

Minecart icon to represent the digital marketing service of mining customer data

Data Mining
Working with qualitative data at quantitative scale we deliver richer audience insights that unlock new opportunities for your business. If you've ever wanted to know things like this then Data Mining could be the answer:

  • What is the size of my audience?
  • What are people saying about my brand?
  • What's the sentiment when using our solutions?
  • What other solutions do they use?
  • Where do I reach my audience?
Magnifying glass icon to represent the digital marketing service of instant audience insights

Instant Audience Insights
Using the most robust market data sources, updated every quarter, we give insights that go far beyond demographics. Adding lifestyle traits including hobbies and interests, we can analyse your audience with accuracy and at speed.

Let's talk Intelligence

Commercial and business strategy.

Commercial and business strategy.

Commercial and business strategy.

Without clear and directive strategies, the best laid marketing planning can often fail. With years of experience in building commercial and business strategy we can help you strengthen your options and work to identify new opportunities.

Financial flow icon to represent a digital marketing service to assist with strategic financials

Financial Strategies
We'll help combine financial and strategic plans to create a strategy that considers resources, costs and budgets and aligns them with your company goals. With realistic and predicted commercial objectives you'll be able to effectively manage marketing spend to generate realistic and aligned revenue and return on investment.

Social media symbols to represent a digital marketing service to assist with strategic marketing

Marketing Strategies
With the experience working with start-ups and enterprise companies in B2C, B2B and FMCG; whether you're looking to focus on increasing revenue from current marketing solutions or expanding sales by selling to new markets, we provide a digital marketing service to guide you around the pitfalls.

  • Market Penetration Strategy
  • Market Development Strategy
  • Content Marketing Strategy
Let's talk Strategy

Marketing execution expertise.

Marketing execution expertise.

Marketing execution expertise.

Turn your insights and strategy into action to take your products and services to market. With a wide range of marketing expertise, the right digital marketing solution might be singular or mixed but will always deliver you the best results possible.

Icon of megaphone to represent a digital marketing service to assist with paid online advertising

Paid Advertising
Utilising paid placements and running PPC campaigns, such as pay-per-click advertising, branded content, display ads or social media marketing, can be super effective when deployed correctly. Our team have the experience to work on one or all channels to ensure your objectives are met.

Bar chart icon to represent a digital marketing service, assisting with organic online visibility

By optimising your organic search visibility and presence, we aim to ensure you gain more relevant traffic to your site from Google and other search engines. Keyword strategy, research, analysis and technical writing all play a role in placing your business at the heart of the consumer search results. With a track record in delivering SEO based digital marketing services for all types of businesses we know what it takes to increase your visibility, build brand awareness and deliver growth.

Computer screen icon to represent our digital marketing service of building and managing websites

Website Build and Management
From complete website design and build to fixing broken landing pages, we have some of the best web experts in the business. UI, UX, development and operational support mean we have you covered no matter what. What’s more, with our maintenance packages we can keep your site secure, healthy and fully updated to the latest version of CMS, so you never have to worry.

Icon of envelope to represent a digital marketing service to assist with marketing via email

Email Marketing
Usually the main platform for attracting, engaging, and retaining your customers, email is important to get right. Our experience in email marketing will help you improve open rates, click through rates and conversion rates by using the right strategy for the right audience. We can help with managing and improving existing audiences, attract new audiences or ongoing global comms including translation and localisation.

Video camera icon to represent a digital marketing service, production of content and video.

Content and Video Production
Today content comes in many different forms - short, long, infographics or video - but one thing they have in common is the need to tell a compelling story. With experts in copy writing, video production, and digital design, we can create content to meet your objectives and gain attention from your target audience.

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