Elevate, enhance and improve.

Elevate, enhance and improve.

Elevate, enhance and improve.

Why being brave pays off

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Running effective paid ecommerce campaigns takes a lot of analytical understanding. Knowing what changes are needed at what time is often the biggest challenge paid advertisers face. Elevating existing campaigns is a whole different ball game, especially when optimising campaigns that are already bringing results. Making that potential big change can cause ripples throughout the whole business, as with change sometimes comes risk.

  • 290% in ROAS
  • 400% increase in sales
  • 49% increase in AOV

Sacla’, a well-known authentic Italian pesto brand, had been running paid campaigns across Google for many years. Results had been OK, but they were looking for a new, fresh approach. One that would elevate, enhance and improve their ecommerce KPIs. This is where Thing or Two stepped in.

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We had difficult challenges and hard targets to reach. We were blown away at the results Thing or Two achieved. They were unlike anything we had ever seen before.

Nicolette eCommerce manager - Sacla
Nicolette Bannister
eCommerce Manager
Sacla UK Ltd
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+ Basket size (AOV)
+ Frequency (F)
= Growth

Understanding the objectives

Getting to know the company and the driving force behind paid activity is the first step in any new client-agency relationship. Emily, Head of Search and Content at Thing or Two explains “KPIs and how they drive change are paramount to effective paid campaigns. Sacla’, like many businesses we work with, had many KPIs that were important to driving sales and revenue. However, after discussing the exact requirements with multiple stakeholders within the business it was clear to see the strategy behind achieving these KPIs had got slightly lost over time.” After carrying out a full audit of the live campaigns and the account’s structure it became evident that shopping campaigns were running with low ROAS figures, search campaigns had low conversions and display campaigns achieved good CTRs but little else.

Emily continues, “Once we had established what was holding back growth in relation to achieving the KPIs, further discussions were had with the wider team at Sacla’ to explain the challenges. On face value sales numbers appeared high but the trade-off was a low ROAS. With a full understanding of the data we were able to explore each objective to ascertain what the main driving objective should be for the account. These discussions were important as different stakeholders had differing stances. In the end, it went without saying that ROAS won out.” However, being an online food retailer, shifting stock was also important. Here lay the ultimate problem. Good ROAS versus high number of sales.

Gathering growth

Armed with a strong understanding of the objectives and punchy KPIs to achieve, Thing or Two set work to re-establish the paid campaign structure. Data insights and analysis of competitor positioning provided important information and formed the basis of the proposal presented to Sacla’s ecommerce team.

Brave decisions were made, and together a new plan was implemented. Within days results start to improve. ROAS increased almost instantly and sales, although slower to gain momentum, followed suit relatively quickly. Emily states, “We were delighted with the results! In a quarter ROAS increased by 290% and sales increased by 400%.”

        Sales targets vs actual sales chart

        Smashing through expectations

        With successful shopping campaigns established and seasonal search campaigns outperforming past years, longevity and future proofing the approach was needed. Reactionary search campaigns levelled out to become proactive planning and successful execution, ensuring evergreen campaigns met KPIs as well as meeting the need for the brand to be present in an increasingly competitive paid landscape. Shopping campaigns were effectively structured, so product groups were organised, and the correct budgets assigned to meet KPIs in all seasons.

        These new campaign structures delivered month on month, with ROAS increasing by 101% and CVR increasing by 135%. Average order value also increased 49%. Revenue KPIs were also improved by 158%.

        Embracing change

        When running paid campaigns, especially ecommerce ones, change is fast. Staying on top and predicting what might happen before it does is vital to success. At Thing or Two, we pride ourselves in being able to do just that. But just as Thing or Two had established these well-oiled, results rich shopping and search campaigns, Google introduced Performance Max. Exciting, yes! Well-timed, no.

        Not ones to shy away from challenges Thing or Two embraced the change head on, transforming the successes in stand-alone campaigns to merging data and insights to create effective PMax campaigns that delivered equal results from day one. Emily explains, “Restrictions with the Performance Max structures were interesting to navigate but with careful management and optimisation we built structures that continued to deliver results month-on-month much to the delight of Sacla’.”

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