Dec 22, 2022

The art of being brave

Simon Prince
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Being brave isn’t about being fearless - it is about taking action despite the fear that comes along with it. Every day, each of us is challenged to push past our boundaries and take a leap of faith into something new. Whether big or small, the act of being brave can have its rewards.

The first step in becoming brave is to accept feelings such as uncertainty and fear as part of life. It’s important to understand that these feelings are normal and don't have to be overcome; instead, they should be embraced and understood.

To become courageous requires practice. One way to do this is to start small by taking small risks every day. These could be as simple as introducing yourself to someone you don't know or speaking up in a meeting. By slowly building up your courage muscle you can begin to take on bigger challenges with more confidence.

In addition, it's important to remember that bravery isn't only seen in grand gestures but also in everyday acts like showing kindness or apologising when you make a mistake. It takes strength to admit we were wrong and apologise for our errors, so it counts as an act of bravery too.

The art of being brave doesn't require superhuman powers - just a willingness to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone and an understanding that sometimes we will fail, but that failure can ultimately lead us closer towards success if we persevere. So strive for courage every day - because each time we challenge ourselves, it will bring us one step closer towards becoming braver than ever before.

At Thing or Two, we firmly believe that bravery lies at the heart of every successful marketing campaign. As a digital marketing agency, we embrace this thought in each step we take. But it's not just us — our clients show bravery in the trust they place, the leaps of faith they take, and the ideas they run with.

Together, we push forward, explore the unknown, and dare to think differently.

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