Oct 16, 2023

When SEO met AI: unveiling an ever-evolving partnership

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Step into the exhilarating world of SEO, where the boundaries of reality are playfully redrawn by the magic touch of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This technological force has surged forth, reshaping the very way we navigate the intricate pathways of search. SEO publications buzz with revelations about AI's revolutionary impact whilst marketing agencies flaunt AI's potential with a touch of bravado.

Are we witnessing a marriage of innovation and optimisation, or a dance between ambition and restraint? As an SEO enthusiast my exploration of AI has been an enlightening journey, reshaping my perspective repeatedly. The rise of ChatGPT and its companions heralds a crucial juncture, where AI's allure intertwines with its humbling constraints.

Unveiling AI's role as an SEO sidekick: a voyage of exploration

AI emerges as an incredibly versatile ally, possessing the capacity to amplify efficiency and scalability across a diverse spectrum of tasks. Much akin to the ultimate assistant, AI offers the promise of streamlining and enhancing our endeavours. In this voyage of discovery, I shall share with you my first-hand experiences of AI's capabilities and limitations.

AI and keyword research

Transitioning into the realm of keyword research, AI dazzles, summoning a diverse array of similar and semantic keywords that illuminate the intricate tapestry of language, meaning, and intent. Its swiftness can and does accelerate the discovery of nuanced keyword possibilities.

Yet, like an over-enthusiastic actor on a grand stage, AI's approach occasionally ventures beyond its intended role, presenting suggestions that may not consistently outshine the thoughtfully curated choices of human insight.

While AI adds velocity to the research process, the subtleties of language and complexities of context can sometimes dance just out of reach, leading to a medley of suggestions varying in accuracy and relevance.

AI and writing content

From seeking ChatGPT's assistance in revamping content to crafting entirely fresh pieces, its knack for producing seemingly thoughtful and comprehensive text is unfathomable. Any faith you may have, may quickly crumble upon inspection. The solution, naturally, entails meticulous and deliberate review.

Perhaps, and this is a substantial "perhaps," the content you generate holds promise. However, when you factor in the time spent on inspection and review, you must question: Have you genuinely saved time? Does the article gain distinctiveness or credibility? Probably not.

AI and crafting titles or metas

In the realm of creativity, where we strive to transcend writer's block generative text tools deliver a boon to SEO professionals. However, ChatGPT fails wholeheartedly in working within character limitations. The investment of time into prompts, the subsequent review process, and ChatGPT's occasional neglect of our vital parameters all place further demands on time.

AI and navigating strategy

When it comes to strategies, ChatGPT's suggestions are often general in nature. Some might be relevant, but many will be impersonal, echoing what you could easily find on any industry publication. To mitigate such shortcomings, you may incorporate specifics about your business and goals, or attempt a conversational engagement. Unfortunately, it's uncertain what details the AI will pay attention to or overlook. Additionally, the longer the conversation with the tool, the less reliable your output will be.

AI and transforming images

One notable application for images is resizing them—trimming their dimensions, reducing their file sizes, and adjusting their proportions. This process is not only swift and efficient but also remarkably effective. The premium account plugin I employed with ChatGPT allowed me to substantially decrease the image weight, often by 50% or more.

The immediate results are impressive, as images emerge significantly lighter, but a discerning eye is still required to ensure they have retained the required quality.

Navigating the future of AI upscaling in SEO: patience required

You might have conquered the steep learning curve of generating prompts, discovered strategies to tackle the limitations, and even feel prepared to triumph over every obstacle. Nevertheless, the ChatGPT we rely on today will continue to undergo fundamental changes. This leaves me pondering questions around the future of tools like ChatGPT. Who can assure you of consistent output quality every time?  Is the model you tailored and refined your prompt on yesterday the same today? Can the tool truly pledge reliable quality consistency? How many prompts might you have to iterate? How much text must you craft and review before discovering the sought-after response?

I once likened tools like ChatGPT to the intern I never had—the ever-present aide, day, and night. Yet, revisiting that initial perception, I'd now append an observation: this intern is overly self-assured, verbose, and at times, selectively attentive. Best of luck navigating with such an intern on board. ChatGPT in fact, shines brighter as a troubleshooting companion, adept at pinpointing diverse potential causes for any issue and helping us eliminate them. Furthermore, with a knack for generating text quicker than Vanilla Ice's rhymes, these tools become an invaluable aid for brainstorming and effortlessly overcoming writer's block.

Concluding one chapter, awaiting the next

The evolution of AI and SEO is a story yet to be fully written, and as we adapt to the ever-changing dynamics, we remain open to both the promises and limitations that this collaboration brings. As the AI realm continues to advance, we are poised to navigate the opportunities and constraints that AI presents in the world of search optimisation. Through each step, we refine our understanding of AI's capabilities, learning to harness its potential whilst acknowledging its boundaries. In this era of transformation, we invite you to stay tuned for the unfolding narrative as we share our insights on this evolving landscape.

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