Nov 9, 2023

7 SaaS landing pages we think are great, and why

Aby Grant
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First impressions matter, especially in the fast-paced world of SaaS (Software as a Service). Your landing page is often the initial handshake your product extends to potential users. It's your digital storefront, your elevator pitch, and your chance to make visitors stay and hopefully engage. Here at Thing or Two we LOVE landing pages, so we thought we’d share seven SaaS pages that have nailed the art of persuasion and conversion.

Building on the fundamentals we covered in our previous post mastering the basics of landing pages, we'll dissect what makes these landing pages exceptional and why they stand out in a sea of bland and mundane. Let's dive in and uncover the secrets behind their success.

Figma UI


You’d expect a design based tool to have a nice looking landing page and Figma doesn’t disappoint. Less is more as the saying goes and the design team certainly applied that approach with this page.

  • Animation helps bring the product to life
  • Plenty of white space to help the elements stand out and the colour come through
  • Clear and concise headings that deliver the benefits of the product

Animated look at Figma
Animation helps Figma bring their landing page to life.

WIX getting started interface


Sure, most people know who WIX are and this means creating a landing page is easier but still…. it is rather nice. There’s not much about the page, three features and a CTA so you know what they want you to do!

  • The CTA is about as clear as you can get and not cluttered with any other asks. Pretty hard to miss the point
  • There’s a nice bold aspirational statement grounded in the product, plus you can see that the service has a free option
  • They’ve also not gone overboard with cramming features on to the page. They know what their audience want at a basic level so showcase how they can help

WIX features showcased
Three features showcased for the viewers.

DealHub landing page


There a lot to like with this page from DealHub. A pretty typical SaaS landing page but they’ve nailed the basics and if it ain’t broke. They cover most of what you want to see and the creative has a nice feel for a Sales enablement tool.

  • As headlines go this is spot on. It's clear, concise and and benefit led
  • They showcase the old vs. the new to really highlight the improvements they offer
  • There are numbers. Now they don’t back them up with the source but if you’re scanning the page they do add value.

Dealhub in numbers
Backing up the claims with numbers.

Frame IO landing page

If you’re viewing this page then strap yourself in and grab a coffee as it’s a long one. This would normally be a no-no for a landing page, but come on, it’s a beauty. Visually there’s so much to love about this and they do a great job of pitching at the viewer.

  • As you’d expect, video plays a strong part in the experience as does animation
  • They back up the talk with numbers
  • Enough detail to get the pro’s engaged (who I assume are their target audience) collaboration features do a nice job or showing prospects who they help.

Databox offerings landing page


Data… who doesn’t love it! Well Databox not only do great data analysis they also build lovely landing pages. The page is full of reasons to believe and gives the viewer plenty of details, without overloading.

The content above the fold is about as good as it gets.

  • A strong headline the clearly explains the value proposition they offer
  • Images that help back up the claims
  • Easy to register and lack of card means friction is removed

Endorsements of Databox
They can't all be wrong... can they?

Hotjar landing page


Open up the hood and lets take a peep. What a great concept to help marketeers better understand their websites. In fact, more people should use these guys to help build better landing pages. We love the fact they've “Hotjared” their one page… why wouldn’t they!

  • Simple, concise, well positioned headline that viewers will just get
  • Lovely use of animation to help people understand how it works
  • They form on the page helps qualify the opportunity for Sales and should deliver users with intent

Hotjar user interface
Lovely animation showing off the product. landing page


Another member of the Thing or Two tech stack. Monday is more than a simple project management tool and they do a good job to tell you that when you land on this page. They offer choice about how to customer your experience depending on your need. The page is full of lovely visuals and micro movement. They also do a great job in putting both use stories and industry recognition in front of the view to help support their claims.

  • The team use personalisation from the channel and keyword to help with conversion
  • Reduced navigation helping to focus users on the primary goal of conversion
  • Enhanced social proof with third party validations from  industry leaders offerings
Monday provide great third party validation of their product.

So there you go, seven SaaS landing pages that we think are pretty good. If you want to learn more about landing pages then check out mastering the basics of landing pages or get in touch to see how we can help you build pages that look great, deliver your USP, and get the customers rolling in.

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